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in harmony with nature

Ostuni is commonly referred to as "the White Town" for its white walls and its typically white-painted architecture. The so-called “Old Town” (Ostuni’s citadel) is still fortified by the ancient walls.

Famous for its unique trullo buildings, dry stone houses, whitewashed in lime, with cone-shaped roofs of exposed stone, Alberobello it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996.

A charming town looking out over the Itria Valley, in the so-called Murgia dei Trulli, Cisternino is known for its prehistoric conical, dry stone houses called "Trulli"

Listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Locorotondo is known for its wines and for its circular structure, a labyrinth of whitewashed buildings beautifully decorated with pink flowers.

A lovely town, the largest in the valley. Martina Franca's old town is an interesting mix of golden baroque and Greek-like white architecture with many grand palazzi and churches.

Wonderful coasts rich of long beaches, small inlets, reefs, dunes and Mediterranean vegetation.